Survey Results

The Irwin Districts Historical Society circulated a survey to all candidates in the forthcoming Shire election. The Society is not making any recommendations one way or the other, but makes the candidate’s responses available to help you reach your own decisions. The survey consists of three general policy questions and three specific questions. The results are summarised below, and the form as completed by each candidate is attached for you to read. The form includes any additional comments or remarks by the candidate. The Society sincerely thanks the candidates who chose to participate in the survey. Some candidates chose to make no response to the survey, in which case their entry in the table is marked with a hyphen for ‘no response received’.

The questions:
1. As a councillor, will you actively support and work for the conservation of the Shire’s heritage estate and heritage assets (cultural and natural)?
2. As a councillor, will you make it your business to know which heritage places in the Shire are listed on the Municipal Inventory, the Town Planning Scheme and the State Register of Heritage Places, and why they are listed?
3. As a councillor, will you use your best endeavours to advocate for adequate funding and other support for heritage places within the Shire, especially those in Shire ownership?
4. As a councillor, will you work for the conservation and adaptive re-use of Denison Hall, and oppose demolition of the Hall?
5. As a councillor, will you work for the conservation and adaptive re-use of Dongara Town Hall, and oppose demolition of the Hall?
6. As a councillor, will you support the re-formation of a Shire heritage advisory committee to provide advice to councillors when they are considering natural and cultural heritage issues?

Andrew GILLAM(S)
Callum KERR
Grant EVAYesYes YesSee CommentSee CommentMore info Req’d
Greg COLEYesYesYesYesYesYes
Hayley MILLS
Kellie WILSON(S)

(S) = sitting member of council

View the full survey form by clicking the name of the candidates who responded.

Update 30/09/2018 @ 17:00 hrs
The candidates who did not respond by the deadline were advised that the survey results were online and were again invited to respond, as of this update none have taken that opportunity.

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