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Objectives of the Association

  • I. To Encourage the study and writing of the history of the Irwin Districts.
  • II. To maintain the identity of the Irwin Districts by preservation and restoration of buildings and settings of historical significance.
  • III. To encourage the use of sympathetic architectural patterns when new buildings are constructed.
  • IV. To discourage the disfigurement of premises, streets and open places by unsightly and inappropriate advertisements, poles, wires and unseemly structures.
  • V. To encourage the conservation of aspects of the natural environment as it affects the character of the Shire of Irwin.
  • VI. To Collect, classify and preserve records and objects relating to the history of the Irwin Districts. Records may include physical and digital records.
  • VII. Publish articles and selected records in special bulletins, or in an official journal of the Society or by any other method approved by the Society.
  • VIII. To Exchange information among members of the Society, by lectures, readings, discussions and public exhibitions of historical materials.
  • IX. To Promote public interest in and support for the preservation of historical relics, including buildings and sites, the recognition of notable anniversaries in Irwin Districts’ and Western Australian history, and the erection of memorials to outstanding persons and events.
  • X. The founding, subsidising or contributing to scholarships or prizes to promote this object
  • XI. To Establish and maintain a library, reading room, historical museum and Web presence.
  • XII. To join with other associations having similar objectives to pursue common aims.
  • XIII. To recognise and honour achievement in advancing these objectives or for outstanding contribution to the study and writing of Irwin Districts and other histories.

Membership Types

You can apply for these membership types
a. Associate – any person who is below 18 years of age
b. Ordinary – any person who is not a member in any other class of membership.
c. Household – any two or more persons residing at the same address
d. Corporate – a registered business

To apply for membership please download a 2020/21
membership application


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