Convict Burials

List of convicts known to be buried at the Dongara Cemetery or in the Irwin Districts. Thanks to our researcher Anne Jefferys.

NameNumberDeath DateBuriedComments
Aaron, Thomas13061868Drowned Albatross wreck
Blacker, William2181884DongaraInquest Dong Pol Station
Banks, John50001896Dongara
Booth, George7681873Drowned Irwin River
Brown, Charles76351870Irwin
Brown, William66361876IrwinDied in bush @ Yandanooka
Bridges, Joseph26641882Irwin
Butler, Thomas25991895IrwinRemains found at Upper Irwin
Cain, Anthony26181897Died in bush between Dongara and Mingenew
Carter, William8c1869Irwin
Cook, George70371915Dongara
Corbett, Michael47811881Dongara
Cousins, Robert2701892Dongara
Crowley, Jeremiah25121882Dongara
Cuff, Michael45111899Dongara
Danks ,John60001896Dongara
Danson, Anthony40231886Dongara
Davis, William42591876Dongara
Dering , Cornelius/james32741896Dongara
Deary, James70931871Irwin
Dodd, William33381877Dongara
Duckham, Frederick28831883Died Irwin district
Ellis, Thomas36621894Dongara
Evans, Henry40001892Dongara
Franklin, George32731887Dongara
Fripp, Mark Kail9881887Dongara
French, Richard17991868Died Milo
Garrard, William63061868Drowned in Albatross wreck
Haberfield, George163326/07/1879 Irwin
Harris, Thomas33261886Dongara
Harris, John14411874Died Dongara
Haynes, Robert8351882Dongara
Hibbert, James37281879Dongara
Jennings, John94771905Dongara
Jackson, Charles2481884Dongara
Johnston, James W57931911Dongara
Kelly, James40971873Dongara
Kelly, Michael20991903Dongara
Kilmurry, James21351893Died Dongara
Kitchenside, Charles58411878Dongara
McDonald, James36781906Dongara
McColl, John75021885Dongara
McMillian, Thomas57111881Dongara
Miles, James72181897Dongara
Munday, Edward39061875Irwin
Muscroft, William44021878Dongara
Newman, John78061905Dongara
O’Brien/Brain, Martin56761896DongaraDied at police station
Parker, Thomas43561891Irwin district
Petty, William34641881Irwin
Place, Thomas8561873Irwin
Reilly, James32791881Dongara
Rennie, Neil37581890Dongara
Rowlands, William78391874DongaraSuicide
Scott, Robert32661894Dongara
Shorrocks, Thomas89941882Died 70 miles from Dongara
Simcox, William69721881Dongara
Sloper, Charles38701895Dongara
Smith, John95731884Dongara
Smith, William60831895Dongara
Sparkes, Richard33011893Dongara
Stephens, John46301898Dongara
Thompson, James11841864
Upperton, Anthony75741889Dongara
Webley, John B93441906Strawberry
William, William3881868Dongara

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