The Society acknowledges the traditional owners of the Irwin Districts, their continuing connection to land, sea and community and pays its respects to elders and their cultures, past and present.

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Objectives of the Association

  1. To encourage the study and writing of the histories of the Irwin Districts;
  2. To maintain the identity of the Irwin Districts through the conservation of places of cultural and natural heritage significance, and the preservation of records and objects of artistic, cultural, or scientific significance, for the benefit of the community;
  3. To establish and maintain public libraries, public museums, public art galleries and other associated facilities, such as archives, reading rooms and open spaces, for the advancement of these objectives;
  4. To maintain the association as a registered charity for the purpose of advancing these objectives;
  5. To receive, including as a deductible gift recipient, and expend funds, including donations, for the express purpose of advancing these charitable objects;
  6. To acquire, hold, conserve, develop, deal with and dispose of real and intangible property solely for the benefit and support of these charitable objects;
  7. To apply the assets and income of the association solely to furthering its objectives and ensure no portion shall be distributed directly or indirectly to the members of the association except as genuine compensation for services rendered or expenses incurred on behalf of the association;
  8. To facilitate communication through publication by physical, electronic and other means, and otherwise promote the exchange of information among members and the public, relating to these objectives;
  9. To promote public interest in and an awareness and appreciation of Aboriginal histories in Irwin Districts and Westralian history;
  10. To encourage and facilitate research into family histories, place name histories, significant historical events, monuments, landscapes, environmental histories, maritime histories, multicultural histories, convict histories, biographies and all other aspects of historical diversity in the Irwin Districts;
  11. To found, subsidise or contribute to educational scholarships, awards and so on to promote these objectives;
  12. To join with other entities having similar objectives to pursue common aims; and
  13. To recognise and honour achievement in advancing these objectives or for outstanding contribution to the study, writing, illustration or performance of Irwin Districts, Westralian and other histories.

Membership Types

You can apply for these membership types
a. Associate – any person who is below 18 years of age
b. Ordinary – any person who is not a member in any other class of membership.
c. Household – any two or more persons residing at the same address
d. Corporate – a registered business

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