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Pullin’ the Pots a history of the fishing industry along the Irwin Coast, is a work in progress.  As chapters are completed, a revised version of the book will replace the current version on the IDHS website.  Interested readers, of which there are now many, are invited to  provide feedback, comments through or Contact Page, corrections and new materials as new versions are uploaded. 

You can find the cover page and current version here.

Featured Image: Bob Hope on the Sea Breeze, 1960, Bob Hope Collection

Port Denison, 1975 | IRME0365

Pullin’ the Pots Oral Histories

Oral histories of the crayfishing industry centered in Port Denison and along the Irwin Coast and the Abrolhus Islands have been collected. Thanks to Trish Parker for conducting the interviews and transcriptions by Pamela Sistrunk of Transcriptions WA. The project was partially funded by IDHS with additional funding from our project partners.
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