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The Dongara Heritage Walk documents 28 heritage sites in the town with a brief history of the town, compiled by the Irwin Districts Historical Society.
RRP:$5.00 (inc postage)
Rogues, Rascals & The ReformedRogues, Rascals and The Reformed is the story of the ticket of leave men of the Irwin Districts 1860-1900 , researched and written by Anne Jefferys using extensive IDHS and State Records Sources. Also includes a full list of convicts known to have worked in the Irwin Districts.
ISBN: 978-09804993-2-2
Three Names-One PortOne Small Port - Three Names is a history of the Dongara Port , compiled by The Irwin Districts Historical Society.
ISBN: 978-09804993-0-8
Caroline ConnectionThe Caroline Connection by Elizabeth Nelson-Broad documents the lives of the three Carolines, Caroline Wintle Smith 1822-1877, Caroline Russ-Johnson-Glossop 1844-1924 and Caroline Elizabeth Field 1870-1944.
RRP $10.00
Cypress HolmeA History Of Cypress Holme by Graham Grundy, traces the story of this mud brick cottage situated on one of the earliest crown grants in Dongara and the Criddle, Clarkson, Rowland and Grundy families that owned it.
ISBN: 978-1-64007-940-3
RRP: $12.00
The GrangeA History of the Grange by the Irwin Districts Historical Society documents the beginnings of the pastoral industry in the Irwin District with The Cattle Company 200, 000 acre lease in 1851 and the many owners including the Phillips, Mitchell, Dempster and Roberts families.
Six SonsAnd Six Sons went to War by Roy Criddle traces the family of James and Emma Pell, married in Dongara in 1881.
Lockvville LegendThe Lockville Legend by Elizabeth Nelson-Broad documents the myths and legends of the Lockville Homestead on the Vasse Estuary, Western Australia.
StanStan by Roy Criddle is the story of Private Arthur Stanley Gurney VC, who was born in Day Dawn WA in 1908. Professional racing cyclist, he was awarded the VC posthumously for his act of bravery consecutively storming three machine gun posts in the North Africa, 1942.
October 4thOctober 4 1922, by Roy Criddle is the third volume of the Criddle Family history dedicated to Harold Criddle and Dora Elizabeth Stonehouse.
Alternatives at the Swan RiverAlternatives at the Swan River by Roy Criddle traces the Criddle family.
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