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Dongara Heritage Walk
by Irwin Districts Historical Society, Dongara 2020 (ISBN 9780980499339). A revised version of an earlier guided walking tour of 4 kilometres, with potted histories of significant historical buildings and places around the town of Dongara. The place numbers match numbered plaques in the town. The Guide is available from local cafés and selected shops and the Dongara Visitor Centre, as well as the Museum Bookshop. List of numbered places, Privacy note, Illustrated, Map on back cover, 35 pages.
Rogues, Rascals & The ReformedRogues, Rascals and the Reformed: Ticket-of-Leave men of the Irwin District 1860-1900,
by Anne Jefferys, published by Anne Jefferys, Ferndale 2020 (ISBN 9780980499322). A biographical dictionary and listing of 750 transported convicts recorded in the Irwin District in the late colonial period. Foreword, Introduction, Listing of Ticket of Leavers, Sources, Acknowledgements, 54 pages.
Three Names-One PortOne Small Port, Three Names: A history of the Dongara Port (alternate sub-title History of Dongara Maritime Industry),
Guardian Print, Geraldton 2009 (ISBN 9780980499308). A history of the historical development of Port Denison as a commercial port, seaside resort and fishing harbour, with earlier names Denison, Dongara Beach, Port Dongara, Port Irwin. Acknowledgements, Table of Contents, Introduction, Chronology, References, 93 pages
A History of Coast Watch Post 16 & Radar Station 48 at North Head, Jurien Bay 1939-1945
by Bob Sheppard
ISBN 978-0-85905-778-3, (New, 2019), A5, 24 pages, illustrated, 50 grams, $12.00+P&P
Book 1 in the Mid-West at War Series. This little known once secret unit and nearby Coast Watch Post is examined by Bob Sheppard. Produced jointly with the Dandaragan Shire
Mary Lindsay and the Defence of Jurien Bay 1928-1941
by Bob Sheppard
ISBN 978-0-85905-824-7, (New 2020), A5 Soft Cover, 27pp, illustrated, 60 grams, $15.00+P&P
In Book 2 in the Mid-West at War Series, Bob Sheppard explores Mrs Mary Lindsay's call for the development of Jurien Bay as a naval port as Australia faces emerging aggression from Germany and Japan.
AIRFLASH: A Guide to Coast Watch Posts in the Mid-West of Western Australia 1942-1944, Royal Australian Air Force
by Bob Sheppard
ISBN 978-0-85905-890-2, (2021, New) A5, illustrated and including maps, 47 pages, $15.00 +P&P
In early 1942 Japanese forces were advancing through Southeast Asia and there was a real concern Australia would be invaded. In a small tin shed at Island Point on the southern end of Jurien Bay in Australia's remote Mid-West, a guard and two Royal Australian Air Force wireless operators watched for enemy activity and monitored their radio. Through the static they heard a call. The three men were terrified by the radio conversation that resulted. An English speaking Japanese wireless operator aboard a submarine somewhere near Jurien Bay spoke directly to the men telling them he knew who they were, how many were at the camp and their location.
This is one of the stories collected by Bob Sheppard and is included in AIRFLASH: A Guide to Coast Watch Posts in the Mid-West of Western Australia 1942-1944, Royal Australian Air Force. Bob provides details, including the locations, of the RAAF Coast Watch Posts established between Port Gregory and Burns Beach in No. 3 of his MID-WEST AT WAR Series.
Sandalwood: the story of Western Australia’s Santalum spicatum,
by Pamela Statham Drew, Pandorus Publications, Swanbourne 2021. “WA has the only native, sub-tropical sandalwood in the world (spicatum) and is the only country today with a consistent surplus for export. From the first export in 1844 until today, when it earns millions of dollars in export revenue, the WA sandalwood industry has played a small but at times very significant role in our economic development. The book is easy to read and is enhanced by great illustrations including many colour illustrations and wonderful historical photos. Dr Pamela Statham Drew is an economic historian, and well qualified in this subject” (from a review of the book in York Matters, May 2021). Table of Contents, Preface, Illustrations, Maps, End notes, Bibliography, Index, Author Biography, 67 pages
Cypress HolmeA History of Cypress Holme, Dongara, Western Australia,
by Graham Grundy, published by Graham Grundy, Dongara 2017, (ISBN 9781640079403). A history of Cypress Holme house and farm on the northern outskirts of Dongara, its remarkable inhabitants, historic gardens and restoration. Dedication, Table of Contents, Foreword, Maps, Illustrations, Index, 51 pages.
Caroline ConnectionThe Caroline Connection: Pioneers of the Irwin District,
by Elizabeth Nelson-Broad, published by Elizabeth Nelson-Broad, Dunsborough 2005. The story of three generations of women named Caroline from the 1850s to the 1940s, closely associated with Dongara landmarks Smith’s Mill and Russ Cottage. Dedication, Introduction, Acknowledgements, Bibliography, Genealogical Tables, List of Illustrations, Maps, 88 pages.
The GrangeThe Grange, Irwin, Western Australia: A Brief History,
by Anne Jefferys and Shirley Scotter, Irwin District Historical Society, Dongara 2013 (ISBN 9870980499315). A history of The Grange farm and estate 12 kilometres east of Dongara, from the Cattle Co leaseholds of the 1850s and the gentry Phillips family to the Dempster’s and from 1987 a succession of corporate owners. Table of Contents, Illustrated, paddock maps, list of illustrations, 72 pages.
Price: :$15.00+P&P
Six SonsAnd Six Sons Went to War: The Family of James and Emma Criddle,
by Roy Criddle, published by Roy Criddle, Safety Bay 2008 (ISBN 9780958053426). The story of James and Emma Criddle of the Chapman Valley and their six sons who served in the AIF during the Great War. Acknowledgements, Dedication, Table of Contents, Preface, 148 pages.
Lockvville LegendThe Lockeville Legend,
by Elizabeth Nelson-Broad, published by Elizabeth Nelson-Broad, Dunsborough 2002 (ISBN 0958078807). Tells a story of the old Lockeville Homestead on the Vasse Estuary drawing upon myth and folktales as well as written records, and calls for more attention to local legends and myths in writing local histories. Table of Contents, Prologue, Bibliography, Endnotes, List of Images and Illustrations, 95 pages
Price :$15.00 +P&P
StanA Man Called Stan: Arthur Stanley Gurney VC 1942,
by Roy Criddle, published by Roy Criddle, Safety Bay 2015. A biography Stanley Gurney, professional cyclist, who was awarded a Victoria Cross posthumously after his death at El Alamein.
Table of Contents, Prologue, Illustrated, 159 pages.
October 4thOctober 4, 1922,
by Roy Criddle, published by Roy Criddle, Safety Bay 2011. The third in Roy Criddle’s Criddle trilogy, focused on the history of his parents and in particular his mother’s family, the Stonehouse’s of Geraldton. Acknowledgements, Dedication, Table of Contents, Prologue, Illustrations, Maps, Genealogical Tables, 279 pages.
Price $12.00+P&P
Alternatives at the Swan RiverAlternatives at the Swan River
Educant, Cloverdale 2002 (ISBN 0958053413). The story of William and Elizabeth Criddle, and the alternatives they chose in settling in colonial Western Australia, in the Avon Valley, Irwin and Greenough districts and raising a family of 14 children. Acknowledgements, Dedication, Table of Contents, Preface, Maps, Illustrations, 137 pages.

A Piece of Good Land: A Memoir
by Val Carter, Vivid Publishing, Fremantle 2017, (ISBN 9781925515169). A memoir of 25 years developing ‘Four Corners’, a 1,457 hectare (3,600 acre) farm on the sandplain in the Cadda area of the Shire of Dandaragan. Table of Contents, Foreword, Preface, Glossary, Appendices, illustrations, 487 pages.
Country Roads & Byways of the Irwin District: A Historic Record
by Irwin Heritage Committee for Irwin Shire Council, Dongara 2003. Alphabetical list of street and road names throughout the Irwin Shire, with notes on origins of each name. Introduction, Acknowledgements, Project History, Table of Contents, Illustrations, 2 maps, 85 pages.
Dongara Voices, Part of the Shire of Irwin Oral History Project, Volumes 1 and 2
Interviewer Trish Parker, 2014-2015. Note: printed transcripts of all interviews are held in the IDHS Library & Archives, and in the Shire Public Library.
Price :$10+P&P
The Fisherman Who Roade a Horse: An Autobiography,
by Kenneth Watters, printed in Columbia South Carolina. Reminiscences of a life spent in the fishing industry, with a period as a research engineer in the NASA tracking stations. List of chapters, Introduction, 514 pages.
He Put His Hand Up: The Story of Jonas Valinskas,
by Roy Criddle, published by Roy Criddl;e, Safety Bay 2009. A biography of one of the first Lithuanian migrants to land in Australia after World War Two, who later worked worked at Woomera and Rum Jungle before joining WAPET in 1955. Acknowledgements, Dedication, Table of Contents, Preface, Illustrated, 130 pages.
Little Saints, Little Sinners: Schooldays at Dongara’s Dominican Ladies College in the early 50 through a little boarder’s eyes,
by Fran Mack (nee Knuckey), Rawlhouse Publishing, West Perth 1999 (ISBN 0958740631). Reminiscences of four years at a strict Catholic boarding school from 1950 to 1953. Table of Contents, Illustrated, 90 pages.
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