Tag: Soldiers

  • 1914/1915 Casualties

    • Armstrong Burges
    • John Joseph Carroll
    • Thomas George Carroll
    • Martin Duplex
    • Reginald Moore
    • Denis Du Val
  • 1916 Casualties

    • William Richard Beckett
    • Francis Carlton Burges
    • Henry Arthur Fletcher
    • Cecil Maitland Foss M.C.
    • Henry William Morgan
    • Archibald Septimus Boniface Tait
  • 1917 Casualties

    • John Lewis Broad
    • Norman Leslie Carter
    • Frederick William Collins
    • Herbert Melbourne Criddle
    • Herbert Leslie Hood
    • Robert Francis Fitzgerald
    • Alexander Johnstone
    • Charles Joseph Byro Nairn
    • Leslie Gordon Norley
    • Francis William Pascoe
    • Frederick James Pascoe
    • Claudius Claremont Pell
    • Walter Samuel Pettit
    • Charles Johnson Rowland
    • George Forrestor Rowland
    • Silas John Rowland
    • William Joseph Rowland
    • William Whelan (Wheelan)
  • 1918 Casualties

    • George Brown
    • George Oriel Cousins
    • Vaughan Edgar Foss
    • Hurtle Henry Fergusson
    • Robert Pell
    • Charles Purcell
    • John Eardley Walker

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